Terms & Conditions

This information is set forth in order to eliminate misunderstandings and help ensure that your event will be a success. We ask that you review these points carefully, as upon signing this agreement, you hereby accept the following terms and conditions.



Customer warrants that any customer supplied text or artwork does not contain any false, misleading, or libelous material and that the display of same does not constitute infringement of any rights under copyright, trademark, unfair competition and similar laws. Customer agrees to accept full responsibility and financial liability for obtaining proper authorization to use copy written material or the fines and repercussions of using unlicensed copy written material.

Authorized Signature:

Person signing this agreement hereby states that he/she has full authority to enter into a contractual agreement on behalf of the customer and guarantees payments of this agreement.


As most of this company's products are custom made for the customer, this agreement is not subject to be canceled, except by mutual agreement with company in which event customer agrees to reimburse company for any expense incurred on this order in the interim. No refunds will be permitted, unless the company cannot complete the job according to written terms and conditions.

Disposition of Finished Goods:

Finished products must be picked up within a period of 30 days of being notified, after which time we are no longer responsible for same and may dispose of same at our discretion. All money collected will be applied as money earned. We reserve the right to charge rent for space used by any item longer than 36 inches in any direction. The fee for rent cannot exceed $1 an item per day, and not to exceed $180 total. The fee would start 30 days after completion.

Failed Payment:

If a check tendered for payment is not honored by the bank for nonsufficient funds (NSF), it will not be redeposited. If the bank does not clear your check, you will incur a fee of $25. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express transactions that are not approved or declined will also be subject to a $25 handling fee. You must immediately send a certified check or money order for the amount due, including the NSF fee, to Bannertime to cover returned check or credit card transaction. Postdated checks are not an acceptable form of payment. Invoices past due over 90 days may be released to a collection agency, or subject to repossession.


Customer grants company right to take necessary steps to secure banners and signs to designated structures or area. Installation may require drilling or various attachments including but not limited to screws, nails, eyebolts, etc.


Performance of this agreement by the company is contingent upon strikes, wars, fires, uncontrollable delays from manufacturer, suppliers or transit, acts of God, governmental regulations, or other events beyond its control and shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the client as a result of any such event. Customer shall hold harmless the company for any liability by reason of damage to property or injury to person caused by the installation of falling of sign, or any part thereof after such installation is complete. The company assumes no responsibility for preexisting conditions which may affect installation.

Partial Invalidity:

Should any term, condition, or provision of this agreement be held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining terms of this agreement shall remain in full force and shall stand as if the unenforceable part did not exist.


Some local governments require permits for or restrict the use of certain promotional items. Seller will assist in complying with these requirements, but these clearances remain customer's responsibility.


We are committed to privacy and security. All customer information is considered confidential and will not be sold or rented to any third party. Some information may be shared with Intuit, Inc (for invoicing) and Wix.com (website and online interactions). We are not responsible for security of email conversations. Their security cannot be guaranteed, as we do not control the internet.

Promotional Release:

Seller reserves the right to use any pictures or duplicates of any promotional items for the further promotion of the company without any compensation to the customer.


Appropriate taxes will be collected on all promotional items sold unless the customers is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization or the customer is purchasing items for resale. Appropriate documents will need to be provided to verify tax status and for our records.


Unless previously established and noted on agreement, on all custom orders, payment is required in full at time agreement is signed, unless over $50. Orders over $50 require a 50%, non-refundable, deposit, the balance is due upon delivery of product. Refunds may be permitted for over-payments. All payments should be payable directly to the seller, only to the order of Bannertime.


The laws of the States of Texas shall govern the validity, construction, interpretation, and enforcement of this agreement. Venue for any suit or proceedings arising under this agreement shall be in Tarrant County, Texas. Customer agrees to pay, on demand, all cost and reasonable attorney fees which the company may incur in the enforcement of this contract.

Verbal Agreement:

Any verbal agreement between salesperson and customer considered is as waived and without effect on this agreement. Any additional terms must be in writing on a signed invoice, or clearly agreed upon in written correspondence.

Previous Revision Aug 2015, Revised Dec 2016